Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Explosion Hits Jos

An Islamic school in the Bukuru area of Jos in Plateau State was hit by a bomb a couple of hours ago. The Plateau state governor’s spokesman, Pam Ayuba who confirmed the incident said “there was an explosion this morning in the Bukuru area of Jos South. The bomb was intended to blow up the secretariat of Jos South local government”

The casualty figure has not been confirmed, but a military spokesman and residents said five young persons died in the attack.

A resident, Murtala Abdullahi said an attacker fired a heavy weapon at a building from a main avenue, and that it appeared a Muslim school in the Bukuru area, across the street from the government building, was the target.

Military spokesman, Salihu Mustapha, who also confirmed the attack, said “someone opened fire on some innocents… one of the bullets hit a child.”

Report any suspicious persons and object to the law enforcement agencies, as that will save lives.


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