Tuesday, March 26, 2013


My name is JOHN GREATMAN OYEDU. I’m a freelance writer at www.smartfreelancewriting.com 

and Chief Editor at www.johnoyedu.com . 

Indeed for many years now, I have been looking for ways to start making money online since 
I know (and you know too) that there are no jobs in Nigeria, in other words,
graduating from school in Nigeria is not encouraging at all. 

You have to look for job that is nowhere or start your own business, which is not possible
as a “Flat Broke” graduate, NO CAPITAL! For me, I began my journey of self discovery
when I was in 200 level in the university, figuring out how I can make it in life… 

Before that time, I was an independent stock market analyst in one of the Nigerian stockbroking firm and 
I really made money for the firm and for myself until the stock market crashed. 
I lost almost a million naira then even as a student.

I turned to the internet to find the solution to my money worries and alas, I have found it.
All I did was to look for workable internet business models and stick to them. 

For now, I practice website designing and online freelance writing and am here to inform you that
the one I am enjoying most is online freelance writing (writing simple articles for businesses online, 
blogs, website owners, magazines and get paid for it). 

Listen up, if you can write a facebook post or write on a forum, 
then you can also write and get paid for it. So the question is, why waste your time on facebook? 

Helping facebook owner to be making millions of dollars yearly while 
you can turn those hours you spend on facebook into money making hours and smile to the bank.
Okay, will you like to be paid $50- $100 per article? Ah you said YES? YOU ANSWERED WELL. Online freelance writers earn that much. 

If you are given to write 20 articles a week and you are paid $100 per one, how much will you make that week? That’s pure $2000. 

I know you will now ask, if it is so, why is all this jobless graduates roaming about the cities of Nigeria not doing it? 

The answer is that many of them don’t even have access to this information, so don’t blame them.

What of people that are paid peanuts in their place of work?

What of the house wives?

Infact anybody that want to end his money worries should consider this freelance writing business…

The Good News is that I have helped you to make it simple for you. 
I have revealed all the secrets freelance writing millionaires don’t want you to know…..

Enough of this …. Rush to http://makemillionswriting.com  and have “FREE’’ access to the secrets NOW!

I will see you at the Top.


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